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Mr. Bamboostick's One-Way Street My pithy slogan,2005:4a7098608476402d831797a0310d9f84 Textpattern 2018-11-30T06:56:29Z Mr. Bamboostick Mr. Bamboostick 2018-11-30T06:19:35Z 2018-11-30T06:19:35Z Welcome to your site [1],2018-11-30:4a7098608476402d831797a0310d9f84/2d55b408da7d43e68a737b5712570cc7 This is a Textpattern article excerpt. Article excerpts are optional but can be used effectively to summarize an article’s content, for example with Textpattern’s built-in article syndication and with the <txp:excerpt /> tag.